Earn up to $105 per sale with 100% Front End Commissions and 50% throughout the Funnel

Auto-pilot List Building System generates clicks for just 4 cents and converts 70% to subscribers

JV Invite: David Henry

Launch Date: 17th November 10am EST

Limited Time 5 Day launch

Live Case Study Reveals how to make $93.69 from a tiny traffic investment of just $8 and how anyone can do the same!

We all know list building is the number 1 task every marketer in the world should be focusing on but what are the options to get started

Create a blog and send some free traffic to it and add 2-3 new subscribers per day so good luck with that!

Paid traffic is very expensive with Solo ads costing 40 cents per click and only converting around 40%, Facebook doesn’t seem to work nearly half as well as it did and it takes weeks and weeks just to recoup the cost of any paid traffic campaign if you are lucky

A few months ago, I stumbled across a traffic platform so secret, you need an invite from an existing member to even open an account.

This platform is without doubt the best kept secret in Internet Marketing

It works like gangbusters so a very select few are quietly adding thousands of subscribers to their growing lists

And they are doing this almost on complete auto-pilot

And the best part is, the vast majority actually make a profit whilst adding targeted subscribers to their lists

Around 12 months ago I started to give this more thought and attention, first and foremost to provide an additional service to my paying members

I could see a massive potential providing I could get it to work for the masses but especially for my members with no list or real experience

I started to look at the possibilities to clone this platform to create a totally unique, never seen before system...

After 3 months of solid testing and tweaking I perfected a complete list building system any marketer can now use to build their list on complete auto-pilot

Watch not 1 but 3 live case studies that show me setting up a traffic magnet that adds 37 subscribers and 8 buyers in 24 hours from a tiny $8 traffic investment. 

This is not smoke and mirrors or a loop hole, this is a solid system you can recommend with 100% confidence and the best part is it doesn’t require a big budget and anyone with an Autoresponder can get great success with this unique platform​

Launch Details

We originally launched this private list building membership earlier in the year and we have hundreds of marketers quietly building their lists and making profits from the upsells and one time offers they provide in the automation

The platform works in the opposite way to most other systems and rather than results getting diluted the more members it has; List Profits Blueprint provides even better results for all members once we reach the optimum number of members so to get to this number quickly we are re-opening the membership for up to 5 days or until we reach capacity and the offer will close

The last time we opened this membership offer we hit 22% conversions and $4 + EPCs

We provide insane value and a system that works out of the gate backed up by powerful testimonials so expect extremely high conversions and very happy customers

This unique system will be available for 6 hours on early bird discount at just $8.95 and will go on dime sale for 5 days before this offer will close and not be available until 2018

This gives you a genuine scarcity angle to hit this launch hard at the beginning so I hope you are excited to get on board

Speed Contest

Most Sales in 48 Hours

1st Place - $150 (Min 25 F/E Sales)

2nd Place - $100 (Min 20 F/E Sales)

3rd Place - $50 (Min 15 F/E Sales)

The Product

List Profits Blueprint is a complete list building system delivered in a private members area and provides outstanding value

The training is delivered in 16 detailed step by step video tutorials which leave nothing out.

We provide a library of 16 “done for you” lead magnet reports and 7 complete lead magnets including 2-part squeeze page, report to give away, thank you page template and follow up email series so even someone brand new can have a traffic campaign created and working very quickly generating targeted subscribers on auto-pilot

This system works perfectly with small traffic investments of less than $20 per campaign and can start at just $8 to generate highly targeted traffic that is proven to convert

Set up a traffic magnet in 20 minutes

Set and forget list building system

No fake bot clicks

No made up email addresses, just real people

Actual Buyer traffic that converts like gangbusters

Live case study reveals the system generated 225 clicks, 155 subscribers and 27 buyers for a total cost of just $8!

The Funnel

This funnel is proven to convert and provide maximum added value to your customers

OTO 1: $27 50% Commissions

Unlimited license to InboxingPro cloud based autoresponder with no monthly fees, recently launched and returned to the launch cost of just $27 for a lifetime license.

OTO2 $97 50% Commission

Annual membership to PLR Profits Club, currently monthly membership is $24.95, and I have a special offer which is very popular for $197 for 12 months access. This OTO provides a genuine 50% off this cost and at less than $9 per month paying upfront it converts really well.

OTO3: $67 30% Commission

If your customers take the annual upgrade the final offer is a no brainer to get lifetime access for just a further $67 and this converts at 70%

Down sell 1 $37 50% Commission

3 months membership to PLR Profits Club is currently on offer for a discounted $57. This OTO provides a massive 35% off and is less than $13 per month paying upfront

Down sell 2: $1 14-day Trial 50% Commission

$1 14 Day Trial then just $19.95 per month saving 20% off the normal monthly membership. This is also locked in for the lifetime of the membership

Review Access

If you think you can sell at least 20 front end sales during the promotion contact us for review access

If we don’t know each other please provide as much background as possible about you, your business, proof of previous affiliate promotion success and we can consider your request

All that is left to do now is book the date in your calendar and get ready for a red-hot launch that will produce outstanding results for you and provide outstanding value for your customers

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Subject Lines:

Need targeted traffic but can’t afford solo ads?

Get paid to build your list

List Building System (Spend $8 and make $90)


If you could spend just $8 on traffic and make $90, the question is how many $8 investments in traffic would you make?

List Profits Blueprint is an exclusive list building membership that launched late last year and hundreds of members have been quietly using it to build big lists of targeted subscribers generating clicks for as little as 4 cents and converting 70% to subscribers

The membership has been closed to new members for months but opens again today for a 5 day launch and you won’t want to miss checking this out

<Link here>

We have all heard the money is in the list and it is but building a list is not that easy to do and it can cost a fortune buying solo ad traffic or Facebook ads that you must wait weeks and months just to get your money back

This exclusive membership changes all of that and works with small traffic investments that can cost as little as $8 for a 2-week campaign and the cool thing is because this traffic is laser targeted members make OTO sales off the bat so effectively getting paid to build a list

The system works for anyone and you don’t need any experience, an existing list or big budget

<Link here>

Click the link to read real member reviews from ordinary people who have been using the system to build their list and make auto-pilot sales, Daniel Markz managed to get an 83% open rate to his welcome email and he’s averaging 23% on his follow ups which is outstanding, and you will see real life proof from several others

List building is not an option, it’s essential to build any online business and once you have a list you can earn money every day and be building an online asset that increases with every new subscriber you add so click the link to check this system out

<Link here>

It’s only open for a maximum of 5 days or until they reach the target membership base at which point it will close its doors again

If you do manage to get in, you get a lifetime access with no monthly fees and you won’t believe the cost if you act fast

To Your Success

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I Forgot to mention the membership area provides 16 free reports to use as your lead magnets and you also get 3 squeeze page templates and software to edit these pages, so you can be set up and ready to go whatever level you are at

If you need anything let me know

Skype: david.henry1733

Email: david@plrprofitsclub.com